Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of leasing a piece of property?

Leasing "their" property allows our residents to enjoy all the benefits of home ownership for far less cost, by eliminating the expenses and obligations associated with buying a piece of land.

How much is the lot rent and what does it include?

Your land value is determined by the location of the home. The rent received is put toward street lighting, underground utilities, community taxes, maintenance of the common areas and roadways and much more.

What are the community rules?

Our community standards have been developed over the years through experience and with input from past and present residents. They are based on the 'Common Sense' principals that most people live by in their daily lives. A full list of "Guidelines to Community Living" is available at our sales and management office at the time of registration or with a potential buyer's packet.

Can I bring my pet?

Most people treat their pets like a member of the family. Therefore, we have a "Pet Policy" in effect. You may have one pet per household. Dogs must be no larger than 20 pounds at their full adult weight. All pets must be domesticated. In depth descriptions can be found in the "Guidelines to Community Living".

How do we sell our home if we need or want to?

You may sell your home independently, through an agent or with the Community Sales Office. In the case of an estate, the inheritor(s) may move into the home provided they meet all the applicable entry requirements or sell the home to another qualified party.

What are the benefits of a manufactured home versus a traditional site-built home?

Because manufactured homes are built in factories with controlled environments and assembly-line techniques, the entire process of building the home is managed more efficiently and effectively. Because of this, as well as the economies of scale that result from being able to purchase large amounts of materials, the price is significantly less than a site-built home. The quality of the factory-built process, and the wide range of affordable styles and amenities has helped to create a unique style of quality home that people can afford.